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Swapping Lenses

Two of my children, Ben and Maggie, have a passion for photography. Both gravitated toward the camera early on, progressing naturally from fuzzy snapshots of family and pets taken on a little Instamatic camera, to the creation of photographs artfully composed with much more complex models. Both have enjoyed the process of mastering the camera—the… Continue reading Swapping Lenses



Unplugged, disconnected, wireless-less. Those are scary words in this age of techno-dependence. But here we are, working to get settled in 'oil-boom central' on the plains of North Dakota and quickly learning to accept the inherent inconveniences of living in a town thrust headlong into an unprecedented economic boom that has outpaced the infrastructure needed… Continue reading Outpaced

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Besetting Baggage

I found myself near tears this morning upon waking as I was immediately thrust into a quagmire of boxes, used bubble wrap and tissue paper and a mound of things left to unpack with a total volume easily three times the space in this double-wide we will call home for the next few years. Sadder… Continue reading Besetting Baggage

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Memorial Stones

Like a great black snake, the narrow serpentine road cut through a lush carpet of green in the Tennessee hollow cradling the ghost settlement of Cades Cove. Like faithful sentinels, primitive log structures dotted the miles that gently conveyed us from the present into the past.  Time worn and leaning wearily in the dancing sunlight,… Continue reading Memorial Stones