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Autumn’s Promise

I’m sitting in my husband’s work truck surrounded by an expanse of rolling pasture land. Tall prairie grasses blanket the hilly terrain in shades of color merely a faded version of their summer splendor— the under-story of once vibrant green blades now variegated with autumn gold and orange. The entire landscape will soon fade to… Continue reading Autumn’s Promise



Unplugged, disconnected, wireless-less. Those are scary words in this age of techno-dependence. But here we are, working to get settled in 'oil-boom central' on the plains of North Dakota and quickly learning to accept the inherent inconveniences of living in a town thrust headlong into an unprecedented economic boom that has outpaced the infrastructure needed… Continue reading Outpaced

Faith, Family

Besetting Baggage

I found myself near tears this morning upon waking as I was immediately thrust into a quagmire of boxes, used bubble wrap and tissue paper and a mound of things left to unpack with a total volume easily three times the space in this double-wide we will call home for the next few years. Sadder… Continue reading Besetting Baggage