Tabitha’s Bio

My primary identity is MOM. My best, and my worst, is illuminated as I strive to become the mother I long to be.


I’ve been called a TEACHER and it’s true that I frequently find myself educating others. But mostly, I’m just hungry to learn.

I’m a WRITER, though my work has just begun to be published. Still I am perpetually drawn to the pen by an internal gravity with which I am forced to reconcile.

I am an ARTIST, stifled by the confines of my own analytical mind, but yearning to jump headlong into the creative current that flows within my heart.

I’m on a PILGRIMAGE. I’ve not arrived at my destination, but each day brings me closer to a home I’ve never seen. Strangely, my heart is increasingly there.

My name is TABITHA. My journey is no more significant than yours, but it’s one that I invite you to share.

I currently call the pristine mountains of Northern Idaho my home.

I am the wife of a man with a heart of gold, mother of five amazing children and, most significantly, the daughter of the Most High God. All other identities pale in comparison to being the object of my Beloved’s affections.

Glacier National Park

My journey has taken me to exhilarating sun-drenched heights — twice walking down the aisle, five times ushering new life into this world, basking in triumph as my fingers clasped a hard-earned diploma, and the joy of witnessing the spark of enlightenment in hundreds of little eyes.

I have descended into misty blue-grey valleys as well, and have at times found myself entangled in suffocating quagmires — often of my own making.

Above all, I have had the indescribable joy of knowing that Jesus walks beside me on my journey; never losing faith in me, and loving me unconditionally every step of the way.

My Abba Father — This is for you

Postscript: My husband and I are temporarily residing in North Dakota, where he is working in the oil field.