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Vintage Pearls

Vintage Pearls 5x5

“There was something magical in those garments worn by my mother and grandmother. They were not merely hand-me-downs. They seemed infused somehow with the essence of womanhood I had yet to experience—like a vintage postcard left by those ahead of me on the journey.” — Tabitha M., “Vintage & Vogue: The Beauty of Titus 2 Sisterhood”, The Joyful Life


I walked down the aisle at 19. Waiting at the altar with tears in his eyes was the farm-boy sweetheart of my youth.

I no longer remember the words spoken by the officiating pastor. I do remember the dreams that whirled in my mind—dreams of the life we would craft through love and commitment—dreams of a big family, a home in the country, and of growing old together.

I walked down another aisle at 25. Standing next to me at the bench, with tears in his eyes, was the husband of my youth and father of my two small children. I no longer remember all the words spoken by the sitting magistrate. I do remember, like it was yesterday, the choking lump in my throat and the ache of a heart breaking under the weight of shattered dreams. The strike of the gavel that decreed the forever-end of our shared life still reverberates in my memory.

The need to blaze the trail seems to be woven into the basic fabric of the human spirit. Women can be especially and fiercely independent, and need to be. The downside is that we can too readily embrace the misconception that we are meant to launch into life with nothing but fortitude to guide us. When being a wife and mother don’t come as naturally as we anticipated, we tell ourselves we can push through and figure it out.

Bitter experience has taught me otherwise.

I come from a line of go-getter, self-sufficient immigrants and inherited the legacy of a ‘can do’ spirit. Yet when marriage, motherhood, career and adult life began unfolding with far greater complexity and hardship than I ever imagined, sheer grit and determination were not enough. What I needed was wisdom beyond my years.

One misguided decision followed the next until my fledgling marriage was in tatters. My sturdy bootstraps failed to pull me out of the quagmire that would lead to destruction, deep scars and lingering regret.

Oh how I could have used a sage —a trusted confidant and friend to encourage me in my faith and shed practical and spiritual light in the fog— a Sister in Christ further on the womanhood journey, willing to share the pearls of wisdom she had gleaned along the way.

“This is the heartbeat of Titus 2 Sisterhood —a relationship designed as an avenue for the passing of spiritual beauty secrets from an older to a younger sister —a woman of vintage faith mentoring a younger woman as she aspires to godly womanhood.” —Tabitha M., “Vintage & Vogue: The Beauty of Titus 2 Sisterhood”, The Joyful Life

The truth is we were not meant to navigate the world of womanhood without guidance. By His grace and through years of healing, the rubble is clearing; but there is a more excellent way—a beautiful and powerful provision designed by the One who knows everything we need to become the woman of God He created us to be.

I am so very pleased that Joyful Life Magazine invited me to share the Biblical vision of Titus 2 Sisterhood in their lovely magazine.


Giddy is an understatement! In a rare moment of the intersection of both time and focus, I sat on my couch this morning pouring over the treasure trove of inspiring articles and pictures in the Joyful Life Magazine.

Abide Issue 5x5

The premier issue —ABIDE—was just published and I am the proud owner of three copies. I have NEVER promoted anything of any kind on my blog. So this is a bit uncomfortable for me, but I wanted to share with you the blessing of having the privilege to write an article for this issue.

I am honestly blown away by the quality. I was expecting a typical newsstand magazine—this is more a journal-type publication you would purchase from a bookstore to add to your collection of decorating, crafting and cookbooks. It is truly archival quality and definitely something I would keep even if I were not a contributing writer.

In my article I explore the heart behind the Titus 2 Commission —the design, value and timeless beauty of this multi-generational expression of faith intended for the Bride of Christ.
“The essence of Titus 2 Sisterhood is that of an older sister opening her faith closet to share her collection of spiritual garments. It is an invitation to intimate friendship on the faith journey—a collaborative venture with a singular purpose. Side by side, Vintage & Vogue press toward the upward call with one shared goal —Marriage, Motherhood, and Home that glorify the Lord.” —Tabitha M., “Vintage & Vogue: The Beauty of Titus 2 Sisterhood”, The Joyful Life

I invite you to enjoy the rest of my article along with an absolute feast of inspiration, encouragement, and insight by clicking through to Joyful Life Magazine:

In His Love, Tabitha

© 2018 Tabitha M Photo by Tabitha

2 thoughts on “Vintage Pearls”

  1. Hi Tabitha, my name is Angela, I’ve just had the pleasure of reading your beautifully crafted article on Titus 2, (Vintage and Vogue), after treating myself to some back issues of Joyful Living Magazine. I love the imagery of the trunk full of dresses – I am involved in a Titus 2 women’s ministry group at our church, and so the article really resonated with me. It’s also been a pleasure to read more about you on your blog, and to see that you’ve got a passion to write – I suspect we might be kindred spirits. Anyway just wanted to encourage you to keep writing and using your gift to stir and inspire others – I’ll be visiting again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Angela,
      Please forgive the delay. My life has been on a bit of a detour of late and I haven’t been in my blog as I should be. Your comments are infused with grace and deeply meaningful to me. I believe we may just be kindred spirits after all. Blessings to you and prayers for this much needed ministry.


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