Faith, Nature

Thriving in the Ordinary

Bloom in the Desert - Mosaic
‘Thriving’  ©2017 Tabitha Meglich

This morning was a 3-snooze morning; the kind of morning when I wake up dreading the day before it even starts, pull the covers over my head and try to escape into just one more dream. There was no real reason. Some mornings I just wish my life were, well… more.

I long for an extraordinary life, to live beyond the typical, to rise above the mundane. I want to experience life beyond the boundaries of everyday commonplace.

Today I find myself wondering if, in hoping and waiting for the exceptional, I have somehow forsaken the real journey of faith —faith that thrives in the ordinary.

It’s a simple matter to believe amidst a supernatural encounter with God. It’s easy to muster trust when face-to-face with the One we cannot see. When heaven kisses earth and sparks fly, my faith naturally explodes into flames.

How incredibly passionate I am about my salvation when I clearly hear His sweet voice speak to my heart, when His presence is so palpable I am almost afraid to breath, when I am so lost in Him I find myself out-of-body and in the throne room! I have experienced the midnight visitation of His Spirit when my pen cannot keep pace with the inspiration flowing through my mind.

Those moments are pure fuel; the high octane kind. They infuse vitality into my soul. Like the sound of a gun at the starting-block, such moments send my faith soaring. Yet the very thing that makes those moments memorable is that they are exceptional —beyond the ordinary.

Some will try to tell you that you can, and even should, live in that place all the time. Sounds awesome, right? The rub is this: that isn’t how God’s word describes the life of a believer. To the contrary, His word tells us that the road of a Christ follower must be traveled “by faith, not by sight”. (2 Corinthians 5:7)

When is faith necessary? I would argue that faith is truly engaged only when we do NOT hear His voice, feel NO inspiration, see NO evidence of His hand at work. When we are NOT experiencing the presence of God, faith alone assures us that He is still there.  It is in the ordinary that our faith is tried, tested and perfected.

Jesus made a rather harsh indictment against those who constantly seek the supernatural. In true Jesus’ no-words-minced style, He called them “wicked and perverse” (Matthew 16:4). His point being that God has already revealed Himself to us in His word and provided all that we need for life and godliness and desires that our faith should depend on trust in Him and not in supernatural experiences.

God counts as righteous those who sojourn on even when the extraordinary fades into memory and the Promised Land is nowhere in sight. We are found faithful when we simply keep walking, putting one obedient foot in front of the other, choosing to continue on the course He has set before us even when there is no sign along the path to direct us.

Thriving in the ordinary happens as we abide in the incredible truth of who He is and who we are in Him —He indwells us, we are re-born, a new creation, cloaked in His righteousness and equipped. We were once dead in our sins but through His blood were quickened and resurrected into abundant life!!

Is that not EXTRAORDINARY enough?

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