Tough Love

I went to the cinema tonight and saw The Hobbit: Battle of Five Kingdoms. May I just say, Wow! What a great movie!

My personal take-away was a lesson in love. Juxtaposed against an intriguing plot, intense battle scenes and other-worldly setting were three tales of love — love between an elf and a dwarf, the love of a father for his children, and love forged between unlikely friends.

We’re not talking about touchy-feely love either. This was love of another kind; tenacious and enduring, love that never gives up. This was love that chooses to believe in someone even when that person has forgotten to believe in himself.

That kind of bigger-than-life, risk-it-all love shows up on the big screen for one very good reason: it is love that transcends real life for most of us, but is the kind of love we all desire to experience.

Jesus Christ spoke of such love when He told His disciples,

Greater love hath no man than this; that a man lay down his life for his friends”.  John 15:13

Can you imagine such love? To think that love could be so strong that it would compel one person to lay down his life for a friend. Jesus, however, took love to an even higher level. He laid down his life for his enemies, for those who hated, rejected and despised him.

In watching The Hobbit last night I was reminded of a love so extravagant that few will choose to believe in it. It is a TRUE LOVE STORY so intense it could never be told on the big screen. It is a love story written before time began, anticipated and longed for through the ages, witnessed by throngs of angels and demons alike: a love so beautiful, so powerful, and so self-less it caused the universe to pause in awe.

Against the backdrop of a battle between good and evil that has raged since time immemorial, God the almighty King of the Universe sent His own Son to die on a cross— defeating the powers of darkness and rescuing us from the grip of Satan himself, as the ultimate expression of perfect love.

To borrow a line from the music artist Group 1 Crew, “This kind of love is reckless”…  and it is God’s gift to me!

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