The Other Story

Every shyster accountant knows the double book strategy used to hide the real numbers and deceive the public (or the IRS) by presenting a false picture of the company’s financial standing.

I have been thinking about the double-books of my own life recently. There is the book that is proudly displayed in the prominent places of my life; the attractive edition with the stylish font and elegant leather-bound cover. It’s the edition that is publicly promoted through little sound bites and carefully chosen excerpts selected from the most interesting and noble portions of my story.

Then there is the other version— the one packed securely in a box and tucked safely into the darkest corner of the attic, hidden under years of dust and cobwebs. It is the unabridged version of my life; the version that is uncomfortable to read.  That version of the narrative is riddled with blunders and mistakes. The story line is often disjointed, with far too many awkward moments and bad choices that reveal every embarrassing flaw of the protagonist, who somehow managed to stumble over even the most obvious obstacles along the way.

The book in the attic is a painful read and certainly not the one I want to display on the coffee table of my life for the entire world to see.  Yet it is the authentic story, and its author is truth.

Try as I may to keep that version of the story out of site, there is One who knows the contents of that book better than even I do. Not a moment, not one jot or tittle of my unfolding story has escaped His gaze.

The good news is that He loves and accepts me just the same.  Even more remarkable is that is He has authored a third, and final draft of my story. It is the CLEAN version– the one in which my flaws and mistakes are blotted out by the blood of His Son. In His version of the story I am beautiful, cherished and victorious. It is the indelible and eternal story of my redemption.

Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.

Isaiah 1:18

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