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My journey from teenager to 50-something has paralleled the evolution from the mind-blowing game of “Pong” (Remember that rush?) to the sophisticated world of online technology we enjoy today. If you’ve been reading my blog you know that my life was abruptly disconnected from that world recently; throwing me headlong, or should I say backward in time.

So far my no-tech experiences have included:

Reference Books:  In attempting to use the dictionary function in Microsoft Word, I discovered it doesn’t actually work without the internet.

Cooking the Long Way:  I am a lover and curator of books —all kinds. Consequently, I have an array of cookbooks to lend that epicurean element to my kitchen. In practice I tend to cook primarily by intuition, so I rarely utilize them.  However, when I do have the urge to try something novel, I often peruse online recipes for inspiration. It didn’t take long for such a moment to occur in my new home. Thwarted at the start, I dusted off my cookbooks and actually spent some time finding out what’s in them.

Game Night:  I have played Monopoly, Uno, and Chess with my daughter and husband as after dinner entertainment – the first really good quality family time in longer than I care to admit.

Uni-tasking. Yeah, this has been the real challenge.  One phenomenon the advent of technology brought with it is what researchers are calling “subconscious distraction”. It seems our minds are preoccupied with a sort of techno-vigilance; constantly monitoring the impending arrival of an urgent text message, impossibly important email or worse yet, the mother-of-all Facebook posts! Our attention is constantly split between reality and virtual reality.

As a consequence we are actually re-wiring our brains and losing the ability to concentrate on one thing at a time (I call it uni-tasking). I can now attest to the challenge of overriding the multi-tasking ADD that somehow took over my life while I was Googling.

Quiet Time:  Time with the Lord without distraction. No rushing to check my email. No getting pulled into endless surfing tangents — Just my morning coffee, my Bible and quietude.

All in all this time offline has been a gift I didn’t even realize that I needed, and a reminder that after all the effort to become technologically savvy, there may be a few things I would do well to UNLEARN!

Lord, I long for my life to be consumed by you and for your kingdom purpose. Above all else, I long to know you. Please teach me to draw closer; to willingly and intentionally eliminate the ‘white noise’ from my life that prevents me from tuning my ear to your still small voice.”

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

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