Eyes on the Road

We’ve all experienced that ‘auto-pilot’ moment; the one that happens when you’re driving down the road and your mind wanders to some far-off place. Time and space utterly diffuse as you free-fall into another reality.

Then, as if pulled by the jerk at the end of a safety tether, you snap out of it and are suddenly aware that you are still behind the wheel. Somehow, despite your missing in action, the car continued moving safely down the road.

That loosely describes my life over the past few years. I’ve made forward movement, but with less attention and intention than the journey deserves.

I think I’m awake now. My vision is focused and I can see the road more clearly than ever.

This is my very first blog post – a decision following considerable internal debate related to the embarrassing truth about blogs. Let’s face it, a blog is inherently egocentric. Blogging is based on a presumption by the ‘blogger’ that he or she has something of import to say; some valuable insight that will be of significance to others.

That truth led me repeatedly to the same nagging questions. What do I actually have to say? Who in their right mind would be interested in reading about MY life?

As I pondered those questions, along with my own sanity for starting a blog, the answer hit me. THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME. It never was. This is about the Giver of my life and every breath that sustains it. To know Him is the deepest desire and purpose of my life.  It is a journey that will take a lifetime; a destination that will only be reached when I see Him face to face.

Kootenai Falls – Libby, Montana
Lord Jesus… this is for you and you alone.
Be glorified through my successes and through my failures. Give me courage to be shamelessly transparent as you lead me, moment by moment, on this journey toward your heart.


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